Texavision Digital Broadcast Station can increase exposure while simplifying the management of your advertising.

With Texavision, we are able to execute all needs a company may want to implement on any platform suggested. We can perform essentially any work within the media industry. Our services include performances such as:


We have TV, Radio and Internet channels to provide airtime for programs and advertisers.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Enhance your integration with search engines such as Google and etc. to find your company by generic keyword use

Online Ads:

Create ads for online purposes and website landing to increases client opportunities. Ads can be marketed on our network, our network affiliates, major company websites, and/or social media sites.

Marketing Tool Creation:

Can create and manage your website, business cards, flyers, and more for your business marketing needs.


Hire us to be your Photographer, Videographer, Cinematographer for your production ideas.

Event Hosting:

Hire us to Host, Join and/or Plan your NEXT Event. Events can be Concerts, Weddings, Parties, Fashion Shows, Sporting Events, Banquets, Red Carpet Affairs, and more.

Radio and TV Advertisement Production:

We create visual and/or audio commercial ads for the Radio and/or Televised audiences. We can create the entire production for the commercial.

-And More!

We want to better your business results daily. SEO is a MUST in the business world of today for a company to successfully prosper. We promise to deliver top quality results and raise your company Monthly Revenue above projections. You can use our services however you feel fit for your company needs.

Your advertisement production can go on to Texavision’s Network or onto ANY Local or National network you wish to select, whether it is Internet, Radio or Television.

Media Strategy

Digital Marketing

Branding & Identity

Social Marketing

UX/Interactive Design


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